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Hello about 10 years ago i asked you for help on here and your advice really helped me get my troop up and running. I was scoutmaster of Troop 691 in Bessemer City NC.I started it completely from scratch. I had nothing and no one. I was competing with an already established troop of over forty years experience. I never had over 10-12 boys at one time but your advice enabled me to have a successful program for many years. We had 9 Eagles in a span of 8 years and won many accolades at camporees and summer camps. I started the troop in 2006 and stepped down as full time scoutmaster in 2012. The troop was put on hiatus in 2014 due to many issues including; Lack of intrest in the area, the allowing of gay scouts in the program and the charter organization no longer wanting scouting within their program. I continued to remain in scouting for an additional year but due to a lot of egos and politics within our council i did not renew my membership. I have recently noticed that scouting is alot less popular then it was and recruiting is at an all time low. I would like to reactivate my troop from hiatus and start again from scratch. there are 6 troops within a 15 mile radiud of where i live. since many things have happed in scouting since 2006, what advice can you give am and what websites can be effective in helping me reestablish a successful troop again. Most churches are reluctant to sponsor troops because of the gay inclusion. what advice can you give in that regards. Thanks again.your advice helped me build a great unit before i know your advice will help me again.

Congratulation on your success in the past, you have the blueprint to repeat them.  

To answer your question, you have one big advantage to finding a church with a strong moral standard.  Because the volunteer leaders work for the charter organization and not for the BSA it would be the charter organization and not the BSA it would be the charter organization that got sued.  The BSA has said that they will furnish lawyers to defend any charter organization with strong religious exceptions to gays.

If your charter organization is a PTA or PTO; or it is a group like Elks, VFW, or Masons; or it is a church with weak teaching on gays, like Church of the Brethren, Lutheran (the Illinois Synod) or some of the United Methodist Church's (they are in the process of breaking up over the gay issue) the BSA will not defend or will not be asked to defend.  If the church has deeply held religious beliefs against gays working for them, the BSA will defend that church under the first amendment.   

Here are some links that can help you...

I hope this help you find a charter organization.

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