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QUESTION: Hello.  I'm trying to learn about and also, if there is a value to a scrapbook that I have.  It's quite full of semester door notes, playbills, dance tickets, telegrams and letters from home (Portland, ME).  I'm trying to figure out WHO I can have look it over to see if there is any historic value as far as the other people mentioned in the book.  There are also two blocks of wood with the image of the creators father on a piece of copper in the front...I see finger prints (ink)...not sure what they are, but they have her father's name of them.   Any assistance with value would be appreciated, but there is lots of paperwork in the book that may hold a separate value in themselves.  ANY assistance would be appreciated. I'm located in NH.

ANSWER: Hello-
Very interesting question and not exactly my expertise BUT as someone who loves museums.... Of course, most people who treasure scrapbooks are the families involved. So to them it would be valuable and perhaps somehow it got "lost". If you can find names (telegrams, etc) and have the inclination, it could be fun and rewarding to sleuth the internet and see if their relations are interested. But in historical perspective, if that person is well known, of course THAT has value. I am guessing neither is the case so far. SO, my suggestions would be to contact Vassar College. (124 Raymond Ave  Poughkeepsie, NY 12604 (845) 437-7000)  I am sure they have someone responsible for archiving  their history--it could be an alumni group or perhaps within the library or board. If they are not interested, they might be able to steer you in the right direction.

Perhaps DAVID LEVINE might be of help. (...  

Hudson Valley Magazine
2678 South Rd., Ste. 202
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

The FDR presidential library is 4 miles from Poughkeepsie. That could be a place as well. Who knows...perhaps the scrapbook even contains  relations to FDR.  1 (800) FDR-VISIT or email

Lastly, as someone who LOVES museums--especially small local ones--I would DEFINITELY contact the Dutchess County Historical Society. In fact, if it were me, I'd START HERE!  549 Main St, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 (845) 471-1630 Even if it's no one famous, they might be very interested in having it as part of their collection. They may have a Vassar College display, even. And they certainly have people who are interested and knowlgable in this kind of thing--and who may have the time to explore it.

Sounds like great fun...Hope this helps!

Amy R.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Wow...didn't expect that amount of information! :D  I REALLY appreciate it.  I tried the Alumi Dept at Vassar years response.  I tried tracking down the family since I knew of their hometown and full names, but not being a paying Geneology customer, hit dead ends.  

So then I was thinking Antique Roadshow, but I keep missing them.  lol.  I've had the book for 10 years or so, along with a goat skin book from Kennebunkport, ME (possibly original settlers) that I'm also stuck not knowing what to do with (already contacted Kennebunkport, ME Historical Society with no response).  At this point, I was considering listing both on ebay...

I too, have a great respect for Historical societies...I'd envisioned both behind glass on display, being appreciated like I did.  :)   I'll check out a few of the options you've offered.  It has been fun, but I'm done storing's time to move it out.  If you have any ideas on the goat skin book...please feel free to forward it.  I know not where to start.  Again, thank you SO much for your helpful insight!!

I think I'd contact the historical society again. Perhaps they were on vacation. People probably come and go. I'd actually call and if the person who answers kind is non-commital, I'd ask for a name of someone to call directly or ask who you can expect a call from. the right person will be VERY excited!


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