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Jim Bo wrote at 2014-07-03 22:17:59
I am 80 years old, been diving here in Florida waters for 55 years,  In the past 2 years they have become more visible. At Boca Grande the Tarpon come every year and so do the sharks, Normal operation. Usually they stay just out side the field of vision. While your down , stop and look out toward the field of vision you will see sharks. This year there has been more sighting in close.  Two times I was followed to the boat. This is the first time in all my diving that the sharks have come that close. A plain reef shark and a big hammer head. My shark repellent is a power head that I have never used.  In my opinion the sharks are more curious or aggressive.  Curious or aggressive I don't know which. My dive partner and I talked about this, there is a change they are coming closer. My dive partner had to kill a bull shark last January. If you dive just be aware and when they get too friendly head for the boat.

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