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I am a newly certified diver wearing glasses.  I would like to purchase a mask with prescription glass and have a number of questions that I am hoping you may be able to help me with.
There are  many  different type of masks (single lens vs. 2 lenses, low volume vs. high volume, clear silicon vs. dark material, purge vs. no purge, etc.).  Also, what is the best way to acquire such a mask? Does it make sense to get it on-line with no trying?
Thanks Dov

Hello Dov, it is good to hear you are now certified.  Congratulations.

Because of the cost of prescriptions lenses in the mask glass, I would recommend that you work directly with a dive shop who can order this for you.  Here are the reasons:

- Not all masks fit everyone perfectly.  Most dive shops will allow you to try a mask before you buy it (especially if they have a swimming pool on site or nearby).  This way you can be sure to find a mask that fits you best.

- The dive shop can give you excellent advice as to which style of mask is best for you depending on the kind of diving that you plan to do.  For instance, technical and cave divers prefer the low volume masks.  While open water divers the are viewing the beauty of a reef tend to prefer the high volume masks with a single large lens.

- Finally, the mask itself must be of a type that allows for prescription inserts.

A dive shop can help you with all these things and help prevent making an error ordering a msk online.

By the way, I also have corrective vision but I use contacts instead.  This works well except I cannot open my eyes under water if I have to take the mask off.

Good luck.  Jesse

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