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I live in Southern Caliornia and it's been about 8 years since I SCUBA dived. I want to start up again and have signed up for tune up class at a local sports store. I tried on my old wetsuit, which is a large, and couldn't get in to it! I have gained some weight but I couldn't even get very far with the arms and legs, which are not really much bigger now than in the past. Do wetsuits shrink or become less elastic over time? It was stored in a garage out of the sun. The salesperson at the dive shop thought that my size (looking at me) was definitely an XL, which may be, but how did I get in to my suit before?

I also like to snorkel and would like to get a new half suit, although I saw some hooded vests in the shop. Would these be adequate for snokeling?

Thanks for any advice.

Hi Randy:  Congratulations for taking the initiative to go diving again.  You are doing the right thing by taking the tune up course and visiting a dive shop.  Even in just eight years, there have some some remarkable changes to dive equipment (especially dive computers).  

I have some wet suits much greater than 8 years old and they are holding up quite well (even those used in tough environments like swimming pools).  While the neoprene may deteriorate in poor storage conditions you should not see much loss of elasticity.  As you suspect you may have added some inches here and there as well as just gotten out of practice donning the suit.

Gear comfort and body temperature are primary factors in diving safely.  You may wish to rent a suit from a local dive shop that is easier to put on and see how it feels in the water.  It is important to not be overly constricted but still provide a layer of neoprene close to the skin.  Once you settle on one, it may be time to purchase a new one if budget allows.

Have fun diving again.  (PS.  I learned not far from you in Monterey Bay). Jesse  

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