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For The Benefit of all The National Association of Scuba Instructors Head Quarters is now located in The Bahamas. Please send all inquires to Nimo  Bahamas at G mail and they will be processed a.s.a.p. thank you  

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Trace Malinowski


I can answer questions about freediving, also known as apnea or breath hold diving, as well as questions concerning recreational and technical SCUBA diving including cave diving, mixed gas diving, DIR philosophy and career development.


I began snorkeling as a child and then I began SCUBA diving in 1982 at the age of 14. Presently, I'm 40 years old and the Technical Training Director for PDIC International. I've worked professionally in the diving industry since 1989 and I've completed over 6000 dives in all marine and aquatic environments. I'm a certified full cave diver with NSS-CDS and IANTD. I've had various levels of technical training with PDIC, GUE, NSS-CDS, NACD, TDI, and IANTD. I'm also a YMCA Lifeguard Instructor. I teach the PDIC Tek Prep, PDIC Tek 1, and PDIC Cave 1. I'm also currently authoring the technical manual for PDIC International. I teach a variety of specialties including extended range freediving, advanced rescue, tek prep, nitrox, tek nitrox, decompression procedures, night, deep, wreck, drysuit and navigation.

United States Lifesaving Association National Speleological Society - Cave Diving Section National Association for Cave Diving Global Underwater Explorers Hydronautics - Diving for Science & Adventure, Inc.

B.A. English, Marywood University, 1993; SCUBA Instructor Trainer, PDIC International, 2006; Apnea/Freediving Instructor Trainer, PDIC International, 2001; SCUBA Instructor, PDIC International, 1989; Extended Range Freediving Instructor, PDIC International, 1996; Cave Diver, NSS-CDS, 2006; Cave Diver, IANTD, 2006; Apprentice Cave Diver, NACD, 2005; Intro to Cave Diver, NACD, 2004; Intro to Cave Diver, TDI, 2004; Advanced Nitrox, TDI, 2004; Decompression Procedures, TDI, 2004; Solo Diver, SDI, 2005; Nitrox Instructor Trainer, PDIC International, 2006; Nitrox Instructor, PDIC International, 1996; DIR-F, GUE, 2000 and GUE Tech 1 Trimix 2008.

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