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Scuba Diving/Regulator inflator problem


Pumbavu wrote at 2008-07-02 12:37:56
I've had a similar problem. The dive school were as helpful as they could be, but their tech guy couldn't get into the sealed Mares unit. It seems that Scubapro make stuff that's easier to service.... so they fitted a scubapro inflator as a temporary measure (for free... one from an old BCD) and I'm getting a replacement new one when I head back to the UK.

I didn't realise my BCD was filling... but was wondering why my boyancy was all over the place and I had to keep dumping.

Is it a Mares design problem?


renamire wrote at 2014-09-21 06:49:48
i have find and fix the problem with this power inflator. where is the metal ball, there is one o-ring and it need to add silicon to it to make a good seal, after that auto inflation stop. follow the link on the answer above and loot hot to open it. very easy, just need a screw driver.

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