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Scuba Diving/shark mesh or chainmael strength


Skyfyre wrote at 2012-02-22 23:09:02
Just wanted to underline what Mike stated above: chainmail suits will not give you any sort of protection against high velocity projectiles as fired from rifles and handguns. I would even imagine, that the mail might have a damaging effect: instead of just passing through your flesh, the bullet could easily take some of the rings with it, leaving twisted pieces of steel wire in the already ugly wound.

My experience/knowledge comes from medieval chain mail replicas, which have been tested ad nauseam for their protection against arrows/crossbow bolts/etc. Of course medieval mails different from the shark suit, but the 3/8'' ring diameter and 20lbs weight already come pretty close to what a lot of medieval mail armors provided.

Lutz Möller wrote at 2013-01-01 16:01:26
But some swat police units wear some kind of chainmail/sharksuit when dealing with knife-wielding subjects.

Joe wrote at 2013-08-09 21:46:46
While 'chainmail' or 'sharksuits' can not be used as bulletproof or resistant armor in there regular form, mail armor has been the primary inspiration for many experiments in armor in the past, and in fact, a type known as 'scale-mail' or 'scale armor' was the inspiration for a modern body armor called 'Dragonskin' which is currently produced, and independently rated as the best body armor you can get.  While the US Military has rejected it, soldiers, police, private contractors have all embraced it whole heartedly.

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