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I have some idea what is SEO, and things like that. In few month our web pages from 0 go to PR 2, but i dont know which word should be chosen to compete?
Web site is about online game, and i put word flash game as keyword, because on web onlie around 500k web pages use this word, and bigger word like free game, and fun game are more often on web.
What word do you recomand to compete? With low competition, but big search engine hit?
Our web page are

ANSWER: I would suggest trying to build your SEO with your main keywords which it sounds like you have started and then expand into sub sections and promote those individually such as "Shooting Games", "Educational Games" etc. basically that menu you have on the left side of the site.

Often you can get more traffic by ranking high in a work with less searches than ranking "ok" in for a term with more.

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QUESTION: Yes, i know that, but its hard to find such word. :S
So little help be helpful.
All subsection, have own meta keyword, and meta conttet. But is hard to find little competitive word, and good in searching on web. :S
Main keyword are flash game, which have in google around 500k web pages, whic is not so big when you take look on biger word, like free game, and fun game, whic bot have around 1.500k web pages which contein that word.
Any tips on have to make good one whay link to our pages?

I can't tell you exactly what words you should use but I recommend you check out your competition see what they are using. Also why not try longer tailed keywords, such as "educational flash games" etc. I don't work with Joomla but I would expect there are plugins that you could get that will also help rotate your keywords which is something I like to do. So each sub section set of keywords also gets some time on the main pages. It may not give you an immediate response but long term it would help give you good returns on all your keywords.

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