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Denish verma wrote at 2013-09-28 08:00:46
Well Redirect is a big issue right away .

but if your site have good content and if you will redirect with relevant urls - then - there is no issue somehow.

We can not make sure for google asks.

Its all depends on New changes in Google but-

Ethical process is - To publish high quality content on your website. Whatever you redirect it from any blog. Its does not matter.

In my such experience of 7 years in SEO, 2 years ago google does not like - redirect urls and page redirections.

Even - Google does not like Paid links -

Redirect urls are also seems like Paid links.

We can purchase a URL easily and can redirect to other its unethical.

In my recommendation

- Publish high quality content with seo friendly Tags - H1, Img tags and anchor tags.

- Always share your published content on your social media websites. Facebook, twitter, pinterest is popular

- Track your traffic using GA- Google analytics and find out - where from you need to concentrate exactly.

- Also try to put some good efforts in other related websites, article syndication, press release etc by which your website can be popular.

Let me know if you have any query ?



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