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Denish verma wrote at 2013-09-28 08:22:43

I read your question and can not stop to reply you. Because I have really fond to reply for your interesting query.

1) If you change the content / structure of website / Programming part of website - then Google( All search engine) check it and crawl it again.

And if they crawl it again then - its natural the SEO ranking can be effective.

For this  You can get help from webmaster tool .

2) As you clearly mention - You are developing Landing page i.e. Squeeze page in the sense of Google.

So - Landing page SEO is not easy.

There is a process which is called A/B testing SEO for Landing pages and the programming structure is also important in it.

Make sure you know everything about AB Testing as well Landing page structure in SEO. Then you can really achieve your goal.

Hope you like it.


Denish verma

SEO Manager - DnawebSoution

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