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QUESTION: Very Good Morning...

I have some questions to ask regarding SEO..

1. What all Are the concepts should i learn to make my website at top of the search engine..?

2. As a beginner how many months are needed to learn and implement SEO to make my site at Top..?

3. What all are the benefits of learning SEO(i.e Job offer)..?

Awaiting for your response..

ANSWER: Dear Kettavan,

I studied with and and I strongly recommend a formal education.

Briefly, here is some top level information on the various aspects of organic search engine optimization.  

Web Design: — Page Title Presence —Meta Description Presence —Percent of Unique  — Page Titles —Meta Keywords Presence —Pages Indexed by Bing —Pages Indexed by MSN —Pages Indexed by Google —Use of Image ALT Tags —Meta Tags above JavaScript —404 Error Handling Check —301 Redirect Check —H1 Header Tag Usage and Proper Hierarchy —Consistent Home Page Location

Here is more background on web site design considerations:
Page Title Presence
A page title is the text that appears in the upper left corner of your web browser while you peruse a site.  They are a short description of what the page you are on is about.  Search engines also use this text as the title of the listing of that page in search results.  Keywords contained here help the engines determine what the page is about.

Meta Description Presence
Meta descriptions are typically 2-3 sentences that describe a page.  They are invisible to the end user while on the site, but will often be used by search engines as the description part of a search engine result.  Keywords contained here help the engines determine what this page is about.

Meta Keywords Presence
Meta keywords are a comma separated list of keywords we feel describe the current page.  They are invisible to the end user.  Most search engines don’t use this field anymore, however the internal site search does.

Percent of Unique Page Titles
Every page has a purpose.  The page title should ensure search engine users know what that difference is.  Having unique page titles ensures more keywords are available to the engines as well.

Percent of Pages Indexed by BING
We check every URL to ensure that Yahoo has it in their index of web pages.  If a page is not in Yahoo, a problem might exist in terms of allowing the spider to find this content.

Percent of Pages Indexed by MSN
We check every URL to ensure that MSN has it in their index of web pages.  If a page is not in MSN, a problem might exist in terms of allowing the spider to find this content.

Google, Bing, MSN Brand Index
There are few keywords, if any, more important than the brand name.  Depending on the popularity of a website, one should expect to be the first result returned for the website brand name.

Use of Image ALT Tags
Alt tags are simple text phrases that are entered when a picture or graphic is added to a web page.  The purpose is for screen readers to read back a description of each picture to disabled web surfers.  Given this, search engines add weight to the keywords contained here.

Meta Tags above JavaScript
Search engines will typically only read a certain amount of characters on a web page.  If nothing else, we want to ensure the search spiders can get to Page Titles and Meta Tags.  It is a best practice to ensure Page Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords are the first items that appear in the source code under the page header.  JavaScript code placed in-between these items could cause issues.

404 Error Handling Check
If a user can get to it, so can a search engine.  If a search engine isn’t told that “this page doesn’t exist”, then it will treat any URL as an actual page.  We check multiple variations of URL’s that we know do not exist to ensure a 404 error code is returned.

301 Redirect Check
302 Temporary redirects can cause multiple versions of the same web page to be indexed by search engines, causing internal competition for external links and search result placements.  We check to ensure that major redirects on the site are coded to be 301 Permanent.

H1 Header Tag Usage
H1 tags are used for formatting, and are typically used in the visible content as the page heading.  Search engines recognize this tag, and give the keywords within it added weight, as they assume the best description of the page will be a page heading.

Consistent Home Page Location
If a vanity domain name points to one location, but the HOME button on the website points to another, then there will be multiple versions of the home page listed on search engines, causing internal competition for external links and search engine placement.

Consistent Website Development
Developing your website is both for your visitors and for the search eingines.  It pleases the visitors to have fresh content to read and interact with and is a good reference point for up-to-date information.  Development impresses the search engines, because it increases your keyword densities, heightens your relevancy, and provides a continuum of fresh content for the webcrawlers to goggle up.

A new static website can be indexed in the Bing database within a couple of weeks. However, Google’s algorithm mandates that the site be popular amongst a cluster of similar or authoritative websites. This is referred to as “link popularity”; since incoming links from other websites are how Google calculates “votes” for a website.

Inbound Links and Link Exchange Programs
Offering a link exchange program to visitors who own related websites is a great way to get free incoming links. There’s a lot of conspiracy about Google devaluing reciprocal links and giving more precedence to one-way links. Any link is a good link, since links both improve popularity and increase the number of times your website will get “crawled” by Google.    

Exchange Links with Us
Inbound Links (IBLs) help improve traffic, visibility and Google PageRank.
If your company fits under any of the categories below, please copy this
code to a page on your website and then contact us so we can
reciprocate the favor.

Title: [Insert Text Here]
Description: [Insert Name] is a [Insert Description].
URL: http://www.[Insert URL]/   

Optional Source Code:
Business <a href=”http://www.[Insert URL]/” title=”[Insert Text Here]”>
[Insert Text Here]</a> offered by [Insert Name].

Here is how to check which sites are linking to yours:  
(1) Go to Google
(2) In search field, type
(3) Hit Enter or click on Google Search button

This will bring up all inbound links for your page.
Creating a channel and uploading your podcasts to the channel with well planned out SEO in the title, description. etc is my suggestion for maximum exposure.  Once the podcast is uploaded, I would recommend creating a page on your site for Podcasts. These will actually be embedded code from which points to your channel and specific Podcast.  

BONUS:  Transcribing the podcast contents to actual text content on your site is also very helpful to show the search engines that your site is frequently updated with relevant content. Content is King as far as SEO best practices.

Article Sites
If your subject matter is instructive, you can create articles on sites such as WikiHow.

Create a Blog, a FaceBook Profile and a Twitter Account
Web Blogs are used to communicate new information to website visitors. They help retain ‘stickiness’ (the ability to keep visitors coming back to your site) and can be ‘syndicated’ (shared) with other websites who inevitably end up driving traffic to the website hosting the syndicated content.

Your blog should be located at http://www.[Insert URL]/blog and it should contain links back to the main website pages.

Optimization of the blog occurs when the author includes a link back to the originating website, which includes search terms in the link text and a relevant landing page on the website. See

Continuance activity on your blog, FaceBook page and Twitter account, with links back to your main site will enhance your SEO plan.

Promoting Your Site

This layer of SEO often called  SEM (Search Engine Marketing) helps turn your website from an unmapped island into popular destination. There are thousands of ways to promote your website. The goal is to find the mediums that are both affordable and provide the best conversions and return on investment.

Link Development
Link development can be defined in SEO or SEM and involves an array of strategies to improve the number of web pages linking to your website. Link development and all the above mediums each play an intricate role and each marketing channel should be active during an SEM campaign.

Blog Marketing - Where to Submit Blog Feeds
Blogs are a fantastic way to broadcast information all over the Internet by merely writing a paragraph or two on your own website. Blogs are created with content that can be syndicated (Really Simple Syndication = RSS). One only has to notify websites that accept feeds where to get the content.

(1) Blogs are a great way to keep friends and colleagues coming back to your profile page
(2) MySpace and Google+ have a great blog interface
(3) Many users will actually subscribe to your blog if it’s interesting
(4) Videos and photos can be added to blogs as well as keyword-rich links to your site

Paid Search Recommendations
Paid Search (or PPC=Pay-Per-Click) is the highest converting Internet Marketing tool on the Internet. There are three major players where a business should be paying for Search Ads to capture the majority of the market. They are:

1.   Google AdWords
2.   Bing
3.   MSN AdCenter

Studies have shown an improvement in Organic Search clicks when a business is also listed in the Sponsored Results. Paid Search is primarily for instant ranking gratification on all search terms that aren’t ranking well in Google, Yahoo! or MSN.

Paid Inclusion
Links may also be purchased in any of the thousands of web directories on the Internet. The most important are the Yahoo! Directory ($299/year), (for business-to-business) and (Free).

RelevantYellow offers a phenomenal Local Advertising campaign that is also very affordable.

Social Websites and Bookmarks
The following techniques can improve SEO with Social Websites and Bookmarks

—Create a free account at each of these destinations.  For ease of use I recommend that you use the same username & password if possible:


—Build a profile
a.   Add fun and interesting photos
b.   [Optional] Get a colleague to help you customize your profile page (as applicable)
c.   Include a link somewhere on your page to [Insert Name]

—Add Friends
a.   Use your Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. to get emails of friends and colleagues to add to your Buddies List(s)
b.   Set a goal to search for and add 10-50 new friends or colleagues per week (use the Search feature in MySpace, Friendster, and Facebook)

—Add Comments
a.   The BEST links are created in the comment fields of your friends’ and colleagues profile pages
b.   Create the links as part of your signature, not the text to avoid getting flagged as spam
Example: Hey buddy, how’s life? Don’t be a stranger.(Enter)(Enter) Later, (Enter)Joe, (Enter)Sales Guy at the World’s Best < link >keyword< /link > Company
c.   Ideas for comment topics: World Series, Basketball, College Sports, Movies (Flixster), Politics, etc.

—For, a Bookmark Website
a.   Create 10 – 20 links on your social bookmark page, using the methodology described in 2c. above
b.   Enlist your friends and colleagues to do the same
c.   Call in favors from friends, especially those outside of your demographic

a.   Simply ‘Stumble’ every page of the website, but only 1-2 per day (I prefer using FireFox because I can add a button to the browser for easy stumbling)
b.   Enlist your friends and colleagues to do the same
c.   Call in favors from friends, especially those outside of your demographic

Please keep in mind that this answer, and its contents are confidential and may not be distributed or copied without express written permission by SEO Content Plus Agency.  It may not be feasible to monetize, or even quantify, the benefits of search engine optimization and this answer is based on ‘Best Practices’ in search engine optimization.  This answer makes no warranties with regard to its contents or suggections.  Thus, this answer does not provide a monetary measure of the economic success of the enhancements suggested herein.

I hope that helps answer your questions.

Best Regards,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your response on previous query and also for your effort..

Shall you suggest which website/book is better and easy to study and implement SEO ?

If i read and practice well means is is possible to implement SEO and make my site top position..?

what about "google webmaster" this will work ??

What about " Dan Thies - Link Liberation " video teaching ??

awaiting for your response..


To follow-up;
-the website/book, easy to study and implement SEO would be
-well read, practiced SEO Experts are usually able to achieve the top position in search results depending on how much competition there is for the top position.
-Google Webmaster is a MUST and is always my first step in a website's launch.
-I have not heard of Dan Thies so I cannot comment on this.

Best Regards,

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