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Well, I write articles for a site and it pays on per view basis. Like you will earn this amount for this much views. But I was disappointed when I saw that my articles are not even generating views for a breakfast for a month. Please note that I am writing articles according to the quality standard of the website I am writing for and I can not promote my articles to friends because I have no one to promote my articles, I have no blog either to promote them. Actually, I am a newbie. Now I still write articles and I generate views by viewing my articles myself, I have no choice. What I noticed is that my view count is increasing. I am not using any software or traffic generating program as the website prohibited to do so.. But I am viewing my articles myself. Is it lawful and fair? I am using another single computer to generate views on my articles. Is it lawful?

If you are getting paid per view and you are manipulating the page views yourself to increase your income, then this is unethical. It may not be illegal but you are likely violating the terms of your agreement and can be open for lawsuits. Even if not, it's not an ethical practice.

You might want to learn to do some basic on-page optimization of your articles before publishing them. Keyword research would help so you know what type of phrases people are looking for then write and optimize articles on those topics.

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