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Dear Stoney

What could be the reasons for if Users surfing with IE/CHROME/FIREFOX/NAVIGATOR Browser etc get different search results with typing the same keyword in the search engine search text box ?.

As a example,

User in India uses a Google Chrome Browser and searches for a keyword, the results for the specific web pages are not displayed while for the same keyword the results are displayed in Firefox browser.

The reason for this is because of Browser application and
its version ?.

Awaiting your reply,  

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

It's likely a personalization issue. Google Chrome probably is collecting more personalized data from your browser history. That history cache could cause Google to display results differently than on Firefox where it won't have access to that information. It could also have to do with being logged in to Google or not. If you are logged in with one browser and not another that will definitely alter the search results between them.

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