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QUESTION: if i have 2 websites coming up for same search terms on the same page is google NOT happy with that?  lets say i sell business cards and stamps and booklet printing on site 1  and then i set up a separate website for just business cards but on that business card site i have a link to pay on the other site...(so the sights are sort of linked) is google going to penalize me because i show up for on 2 separate sites for the same search terms, thank you.

ANSWER: It's generally not a good idea to try to get two sites you own to rank for the same keywords. There are times when it's ok, and in your scenario above that can work, but it's a gray area. However if it's working then I wouldn't worry about it until Google does something.

The link shouldn't be an issue if it's a payment link. Those links are typically in the shopping cart areas of sites where Google doesn't generally go.

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QUESTION: what if its NOT a payment area but points to the a list of items.. that then go to the payment

As long as its legitimate, then I wouldn't worry about it. The two sites are doing different things with crossover in one area. I'd start to be concerned if you build a site for every service the other site already does.

Usually, you're better off putting all of your marketing efforts into a single site, so you are handicapping yourself by splitting them up. But if it's working then you're probably OK, at least for now.

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