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I was looking for online content and came across freelancing website which is legitimate. Actually, I need to buy content for my website. I need your opinion about this. A person is selling me ONE article for $5 of 500 words. Article will be of exactly similar quality as written in the sample below. He is selling articles ONE article for $5. Here is the sample:-

"If you are trying to lose weight, eating the right foods and exercising your body are definitely in your best interest. However, the exercises you choose to do are very important if you want to see real weight loss results.

The best weight loss exercises will be those that work your largest muscle groups. An obvious exercise choice would be aerobics, the heart being the biggest muscle in the body, though not necessarily high impact aerobics if you are someone with problems in your knees or lower back. So for everyday workouts, light aerobics like walking would be a good place to start. That said, aerobics is not a good choice for weight loss by itself.

Weight loss exercises that work the thighs, the upper arms, and the abdomen are where the serious calorie burn is going to occur. Crunches, whether standing or lying on the floor are a good choice. If you are one of those people who gets nauseous doing floor exercises, a standing abdominal crunch routine would be ideal and you will get as good or better a calorie burn than you would lying down.

Another great exercise choice is the standing knee bend. This exercise is done with a slight bend at the waist, lowering yourself to just above a squat position and then holding. This gives an awesome burn in the thighs, which of course burns major calories, but also serves as a really great move to lift the buttocks.

Strength training with dumbbells is another really good choice for burning calories. You can choose any way you like to use the dumbbells, probably no more than 8 pound weights are needed, and used to perform arm curls--one dumbbell in each hand, being held with hands palm up, and curling up to the shoulder and back down straight at the sides. You can take this a step further by doing triceps curls, which work out the larger muscle group at the back of the arms. For the ladies this exercise will not only burn calories to help with the weight loss, but will also serve to alleviate the "waving back of the arm" that many women encounter when they have extra weight on their upper arms, or when they have lost the weight and the skin has not bounced back to fill the skin.

Any exercises that get a really good, lasting burn going in the major muscle groups are going to be your best weight loss exercises. Work your heart, your thighs, your upper arms, and your abdominals, and before long you will begin to see the pounds start to fall off. Don't look for a landslide of weight loss at first, as these exercises will help build muscle as well, and muscle does weigh more than fat. So, be patient and start your exercise regimen, and before long you will see the weight loss results you desire."

The person is selling me one article for $5 of 500 words at exactly the same quality as it is of the sample above. Do you think that this article is worth 5 dollars?

Should I buy? What's your opinion?

I am new to content buying. Therefore, I am asking.

Thanks a lot


I am not really a fan of purchasing pre-written content as it is possible that it could be used on multiple sites and that is could have very negative affects on your SEO.

If you can't write your own content or don't have anyone you can get to write it for you then I suppose this is the route you need to take.

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