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Hi Pat,

I'm looking for internet websites that find people - for free.


Hello to an Angel in California.  Think we've met before?  Your caveat "for free" is the tough one.  There are resources for that price, but you have to do the hard hunting part.  Start with a Google search on: find people for free.  But, some sites will say they're free and just trying to lure you in.
Be careful.  Regards, Patrick

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Pat Dunlap


My expertise is searching the Internet for answers to almost any question or topic imaginable. I know how to ask the right questions. Just want to help others to try to find answers. The least I could do is try. I enjoy "the hunt."


I have 25 years experience in looking for answers to the most bizarre questions. For the past few weeks I was listed in the "Miscellaneous" category and folks somehow found me. Please check my ratings there for the past three weeks.

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