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So my friend posted pictures on instagram and now if uuuuggg type her name in google images they are there. How do I get them down cuz she asked me. If you can't help can u please direct me to someone who can? Thanks

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Sadly there is not much that your friend or you can do. Once an image has been captured by Google and posted on its images page the only way to get it taken down is to contact Google himself and asked that it be removed. You can do this by going to the bottom of Google's results page and looking under their help section. There are companies out there that charge in order to restore someone's reputation. But I have not found or heard of any of them that are actually worth the money that is spent. The Internet is scanned every eight hours and archived so no matter what is done with images or webpages they are saved somewhere and can be retrieved. Most search engines do this as a way of creating a larger search database. Your friend could post images of herself of a professional and type that she likes utilizing the same filenames as the instant grandma once. This would push the results of the unwanted pictures farther back in the results and eventually off the first or second page of images. We did this for a lawyer friend of ours and were able to push the picture back to about the 10th or 11th page where it really becomes less likely that anyone would ever go back that far.

If your friend wants to have her search for Internet reputation guides.

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