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I have several assisted living facilities in mind for a relative. I've seen their websites, which of course praise them. I've also checked their ratings on the Internet. What I would like to do now is chat online with relatives of residents to get (hopefully) the real picture. How would I search for such a forum? I've tried unsuccessfully. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Wow, Janet, a worthy idea to pursue, but it's going to be difficult mainly for privacy issues and laws.  How do we get the low-down on something like that?  Certainly you would be able to personally pop into the facility to do a spot check on your own.  If there are restrictions you want to know why.  Hours, of course, would be one.  I've asked a friend of mine for ideas since she had both of her parents in places like this.  You're right that someone else with first-hand knowledge would be great, but don't think a group like that would be organized into an Internet forum, but???  Let's take another approach in searching.  Use words in a search like complaints, reviews and other such keywords followed by the facility name.  How about a check on BBB complaints or even your local or state consumer protection agencies or whatever usually headed up by state's attorney?  If I come up with more ideas or hear back from my friend, I'll be sure to let you know.  Good luck with this. Here's a possible start for your search:  complaints ohio assisted living facilities.  With that, this one caught my eye:
Regards, Patrick aka Pat  

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