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Hi Pat,

Recently I did a Google search for a friend whom I had lost touch with. When I clicked on one of the results, I could not find his name anywhere on the website that had been presented to me. Why would Google return a result if what I was looking for was not on a particular website? I understand that when data on a website has been changed, it might still appear for awhile in the search results since it is still in Google's cache but I am certain this was not the case when I did my search. Is it because of how the website was designed?

Thank you.

Gib, I too have run into that same thing.  See the name or whatever in the search hits, but cannot find it on the site link.  Never thought about it much.  Just scratched my head in confusion.  With your question now I'm rethinking this.  Possible that at one point the site picked up the name from another site from which the name is now removed, but shows in the hits.  Comprende?  I don't!  To give an example.  Have you tried the Firefox browser add-on called Collusion.  Absolutely wild.  Now, here's another possibility you can read thru
I'll be honest.  I can't answer your question since there's too much data in Cyberspace for my brain to keep up.  Regards, Patrick  

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