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I belong to a site called "".  A website where you can ask questions and get answers from several different perspectives. You then score member's answers from -2 to +2. You can give a blue star award for an answer that solves your issue or you can give a jerk award to a troll.

However. There is one moderator who is constantly deleting posts that are appropriate and not offensive to anyone. In addition these posts meet the guidelines of the site. However, it seems that the moderator is deleting posts out of spite.  Every member is very upset.

I have tried (as well as other members have tried) contacting the owners of the site to lodge a complaint about this rogue moderator via email and/or telephone calls but email address is not right and phone is disconnected.

According to the site the owners are Hearst Digital but when I telephoned Hearst the individuals I spoke to have no idea what I am talking about, and claim not to own this site. No member knows who to contact since the info is no longer accurate.

I was hoping you could help me get the right contact info. This moderator has to be stopped.

Debbie, I'll assume you are Debbie F.  But, do a search on keywords like: who owns answerology
and you'll find stuff like:
where you posted.  You may not get success.  I'd personally quit the site if it were me.  But, if you want to pursue this try using this to find out who the domain belongs to: like Who Is or DNS, etc.  Regards, Patrick  

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