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QUESTION: Hi.Can stuff come up in your history that you havent searched for or looked at? I was told it could thanks to pop ups etc... but would 20 searches etc in a row all related to the same /similar topic show up if it was just pop ups?

ANSWER: Juanita, Hi!  That's a tad confusing, but think I understand.  It shouldn't show up in your History, but would on pop ups shoving ads at you to things you searched for.  Happens to me all the time in the Yahoo browser.  But, I feel I'm not answering your question.  If not, please be more specific and come at me again.  There's an amazing site I can't think of right now that shows how each of your searches links to sites just waiting to see your cookie and grows and grows.  Scary!  Regards, Patrick  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ok...thanks. I'll try to be more specific.  
I found questionable stuff in our ipads history. About 20 searches all relating to this same subject( you probably guess what)
Anyway when I asked about it I was told from person that these were never searched for and they probably showed up because of other websites. But I whole 20 searches in a row? I find thst abit odd.

OK, now I'm understanding and have had that question many times and the person doing those kinds of searches should fess up.  If it shows in History, then it was searched.  You know, if it looks like a duck and talks like a duck, then...
While you were responding I was looking for the tracking item I mentioned and here it is:  I've used that FireFox add on and shows how none of what we do on the Internet is private.  
Good luck with using a communal IPad. All the best, Pat  

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