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QUESTION: When I click on the "+" sign to open up a new internet tab, how can I get it to open up in ""?  I am using Mozilla Firefox for a browser.

Thank you.

ANSWER: Sounds like you want to do something like this.
If it isn't, let me know.  Patrick

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QUESTION: Hi Patrick, thank you for showing me that trick; I did not know about that.  But that is not really what I wanted.  I did not really want more windows to be open than is necessary when I open up the browser, but when I do click on the + sign, I want it to open to  Can you help?  It was doing it up until 3 days ago, but I was messing around and now it opens to something I don't want when I click on the + sign.

Thanks much,

ANSWER: Robin, this time I'm going to let you decide which is the best for you by your doing a search on keywords:  firefox open new tab specific page.  I use the bookmark toolbar to have handy to pages I frequently visit like Yahoo and other bookmarks I use a lot.  I know a lot of folks abhor toolbars since they take up precious screen space, but...You don't say, but I'd be curious to what is your Homepage set to in Firefox?  Why not make it Yahoo...or is that why I'm not understanding your goal?  Pat   

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new tab
new tab  
QUESTION: Hi Pat,  Wow, when it comes to computer problems, I just can't seem to explain myself without being able to show the person.  I am attaching what happened (and now again) when I hit the + sign.  I found a pesky add-on (or extension maybe) in my internet tools.  It was called "My Search Dial" and it got on my computer when I downloaded some supposed freeware that lets you download Youtube video. (Which didn't work).  Now I deleted it and my new tabs feature is back!

Anyway, whenever I open a new tab, there are nine thumbnails that come up and the computer changes the thumbnails according to what I have been accessing the most.  That's what I was trying to get back.  

Yes, my homepage is (howd you know?).

Thanks, and sorry for my lousy explanations.


Oh, my! Robin.  Now I am confused.  You make it sound as though you are back to what you wanted in the first place, BUT I could be wrong, right?  Are you back working or not?  I do not see any attachment you said you were providing.  Ahhhhh!   Let's go back to search keywords:
firefox open new tab to homepage.  Re my knowing your homepage is Yahoo, when I saw you live in TX, I imagined you on a horse, galloping out of town and shouting, "yahoo!!!"  (Just kidding)
Back to your "evil" situation.  We WILL get you happy with with your preferences.  You be patient with me and I will be with you.  Pat in Googleville  p.s.  After sending my response, I found your attachment.  Is that what you do or do not want to happen?
New revision...could this be what you want?  

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