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Hi Pat,

I am back for another stumper.  I occasionally have favorite products--this time it was my favorite shampoo and conditioner of all time--that is suddenly no longer available from the website ( or any other website that sells to America.  The two products are as follows:

- Organic Shea Butter Conditioner


- Organic Dry Scalp Shampoo

This last link is the site where I believe the product is actually made.  The naturepurity site is where I used to buy it but they discontinued selling it.

These products are really great, but the only site I see ( is in the French language.  I believe these products are made in France.  They have a Facebook account and I messaged them (in English) but did not get a reply.

Can you help me find a company that buys one or both of these products and sells to Americans?

Thanks much,

Yo, Robinette! "sells to Americans"?  Whoa!  You know what that conjures up in my mind? Yes, some kind of illegal import activity.  What are you asking me to do?  Or is it beneath the Frogs to sell to us low-life creatures here in the new country?  

Re the site being in French, there are translation sites like Google Translate where you can copy/paste a URL into and get a fairly decent translation.  Just saying.

Having read your posting several times and seeing that you are very particular about these purchases, I'm putting the ball in your court and letting your fingers do the walking:

provence-argile organic shea butter conditioner


provence-argile organic dry scalp conditioner

Also, do a Google search on: Comptoir Provenšal des Argiles and notice on the hits there is "Translate this page".  Use it.

If you follow all these instructions I provide, you'll be out of the shower for awhile and allow your hair to dry "out".  

Happy TGIF and last day of the month, Patrick, the bald/bold one...Baldwin  

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