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Hi Pat,

When I go to the web URL:, I get the alert: "Page Not Found- Business News and Journal."

I use an Apple Mac and run Safari as my internet search engine.  Is there a way I can access the above named web site?


Greetings again, Angel.  I did a "Search" on BNJ for "Sony RX100" and the only story where it is mentioned is:
So, I must assume the other story has been taken off or deleted from the site and explains why we get the Error 404. Sorry, I have no control over what BNJ keeps.  You might work hard and try to find an archived copy of that old article, but is it worth the time?  Not sure what you mean by access the (BNJ) site since the old URL takes me to the site.  Hmm?  Regards from chilly east coast, P  

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