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Hi Pat,

I've looked for the e-mail address of the Mexican State of Jalisco to obtain certified copies of birth, marriage and death certificates, but I struck out.  Would you help me find an e-mail address to the keeper of such documents in Jalisco, Mexico?


How you shaking this morning, Angel?  I'd start with this:

Av. ProlongaciĆ³n Alcalde 1855 P.B.
Sector Hidalgo
Guadalajara, Jal.
CP 44280 011-52(333)819-2456
Ext. 47344, 47396

which I took from a list at this site:

which I got from a search on keywords: how to get my birth certificate in mexico.
You could do a similar search adding keywords like marriage or death (whichever comes first).
But, I have a feeling the address above for Jalisco may handle other certificates.

Enjoy your Saturday without getting reborn, married or dead.  All the best!  Pat  

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