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Hi Pat,

I was just wondering if I saved an image from a website but did not save the website address is there a way to track it down?  I haven't access to the history and I didn't put the web page in my fav folder.

For example, I have a jpeg titled 'images1PLYQ00J' but Google does not return anything.

Thanks for your help.


Lisa, tough one if I'm understanding your details.  You want to get back to a WEB site, but didn't save its link in bookmarks or favs and the image file you thought you saved on the computer from that site isn't showing?  Wait a second?  The image is saved and you did the same that I tried just using the image file name in various iterations like adding jpeg, jpg, etc.  Nada, like your search.  You imply that the image displays on your screen?  Well, then let's do a search on keywords like: find website from (your OS, Win7, mac, etc.).  Now, start using those hits to help with tips.  If you have the image, sounds like the first place to begin.  Then, Google Image search would be next and there are other image search engines.  Here's some more keywords: how to find what website a picture came from.  More tips with that search.  Here's hoping these thoughts get you to the site and not sight unseen.  
Regards, Patrick  

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