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QUESTION: PAT Hi,  I need your help,  I'm trying to locate past photos of property.  Google map sent me so called directions but it makes no sense. I have tried everything but nothing works.  I just need step by step directions. Is this something that you can help me with.  Thanks Ken

ANSWER: Hi, Ken.  I also live in MD.  You're going to have to help me by clarifying what you are wanting to do.  I have read what you've said several times and still don't feel comfortable what it is. Do you mean "directions" as in getting to a location or is that for getting to be able to do something with G Maps?  I keep wondering if you wanted archived photos from various years for the same property, but... Maybe if the steps aren't too long you could include them for me and I could try them.

Recently, I was working on a property "disagreement" for someone in PA.  First used G Maps & photos, but then accessed the local township tax GIS data & aerial photos to various years to prove a point in the dispute re property lines.

I don't know your goal with this and it doesn't matter.  I'd just like to help you.  If you follow this up with more info, please make it "Private" rather than "Public" and I'll let you know why then.

Hope to hear back from you.  All the best!  Patrick  p.s.  Just did a search on keywords:
archive google maps and see you are not alone in your quest.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: PAT Hi thank you for getting back to me. I will give you an example.  If you go into Google Earth and put in an address, say 16 JACKSON AVE ELMONT NY.  Google Earth will zoom into this address for. The present time 2013 - 2014.    If I want to view the same address for example the year 2004, GOOGLE Earth gives you a way to see this property from an earlier date.  Can you or someone give me steps to do this.   THANKS Ken3

Whew, Ken.  I've spent most of the afternoon on this because I also wanted to know.  The more I researched & the more I read, the more confused I got.  Not sure if this applies to you, but...
First, I saw this could be done.  Really?  I kept trying using my usual Firefox browser. Tried to find which version I had of G Maps/Earth.  No go. Finally realized in Firefox there is only a G Plug in for this. Ended up going and downloading the newest version of Earth  Now I can do it with that and go back in time using my home address.  So, hope this guides you into the timeline.  Bottom line is we need version 5 or better to get all the goodies from Earth like Toolbar, etc.  Forewarned tho, resolution of the photos can be good or very bad over the years.  And if you're wanting historical photos from street level, it's not there.  I remember watching the Google mapping car go up & down our dead end street in 2012.  Have I confused you or helped.  Pat
BTW, I'm in Howard County.  

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