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Hello, so I just did a online search of my name and my old profile picture from Facebook came up as well as I my basic information: name, age and last known address on the site people search.  My question is I don't necessarily want this information out there so what can I do?  I've been meaning to delete my profile on facebook because I don't use but what else can I do?

Not much, Samatha, except as you say kill the Facebook account.  You apparently have the security setting such that the photo shows up.  It may stay visible on a name search even if the account is deleted.  Don't know.  The other information is mostly public, like White Pages for address and who knows how they get the age and a few other tidbits.  Have you ever searched your name on  Yikes!  Sometimes photo of house, directions, cost of house, other family members & names, etc.  Scary!  Actually, I have lot of folks ask a similar question of me after they discover something they didn't want others to see shows up on a search.  The Internet is not "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".  Well, maybe it is if the Internet is Vegas.
All the best, Patrick  

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