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QUESTION: could you help me find a freeware program to Webgobbler (found here i've used it a long time but now it no longer works properly and the creators have not responded to the email i sent a year ago nor a more recent one a month ago.

ANSWER: Ben, I'm not sure what's wrong since a search shows it's available.  Suggest that your download is corrupt and you need to uninstall it completely and see this  Starting over will probably get you back working.  Let me know how it goes.  Regards, Patrick

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: i'm sorry, i should have clarified: when it searches for images, it uses GOOGLE, YAHOO, FLICKR and DEVIENTART. but the only successful one is for YAHOO. that is the problem and that's why i was hoping you could help find a similar program.
the software REIMAGE you showed me found computer problems but i would have to pay to repair them and i cannot do that.

Ben, thanks for clarifying.  Do a search on: similar sites webgobbler.  Here's one from the hits that caught my attention:  Don't know if the other downloads are free.  Not sure you are correct re Webgobbler and which sites it gets the photos from.  Might be mainly Yahoo and others may have restricted taking of images???  Hope this gets you to something better.  All the best!  Patrick

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