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I always watched PBS when I was living in Mesa, AZ.
Six months ago I moved to Ajijic, Mexico and now I am unable to watch most of my programs, I guess mainly because I don't know how to change the settings.
Can you please help me with this?
Thank you!

ANSWER: Jo, please help me and give me some more info.  How were you watching PBS in AZ?  TV, computer, DirecTV, etc?  Change what settings?  I really can't respond without details.  Please help cause I'd like to get you back watching the soonest.  Regards, Patrick

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Maybe I used the wrong words when  I said "change the settings".  I used to have a PC and now I have an ipad. I just tried to open a new account with my new email address  but it didn't help. The strange thing is that, for instance with "I have what Phil's having" , I am able to see some episodes but not others. It tells me "Video not available in your area".
Any idea what I can do?

If Phil's having dos tacos count me in!  Quick research shows:
For more info search on keywords:  pbs video not available in your area
You didn't use the wrong words, just the device you are using.
If this doesn't help, let me know or call the local policia or just order a take out of more tacos for me.  All the best!  Patrick

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