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Hi Pat, Thanks for taking my two questions. Essentially, on my Windows 8.1 computer with the latest Firefox update I am now unable to use my search engines as before. Previous versions of FF did not present this problem and I would like to know how it might be rectified? I get a blank page or a message that it is unable to connect to "Startpage", a great search engine as well as IXQuick and DuckDuckGo.

Secondly, if I may, I am also having trouble with the latest Firefox version crashing when it closes. It's the proverbial "Firefox has crashed" message each time no matter how I close it. I need help in figuring out what to do to alleviate this problem that was non-existent also with the previous versions. Thank you much for your help with these matters.

Hi, Cory.  Sorry about the delay, but your question didn't come in to me and the AEQ admin had to tell me I had a pending one.  Suggest you do "Google" searches using Google if you are able on keywords: windows 8.1 firefox crashes...and, windows 8.1 firefox problems.  I haven't got a fix for you, but if you register at mozzilaZine at you'll find lots of others are in the same boat as you.  Ask the same question there.  I don't know which Firefox update you are using, but I think Firefox may think their is a security risk for you to use the 3 search engines???  If you can use the Google engine, then that is the case.  As for the crashes after updating:  When you post on the forum, mention the FF update # giving you the crash report.  New thought.  With the FF update wonder if you need the FF add-ons for the engines???  Those engines probably have their own forums you can sign up for.  Sorry I can't help more, but haven't run into the crashes with FF and I'm running Windows 7 & 10 on my machines.  Others in the above forums can help you.
Regards and have a great 2016, Patrick  

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