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Searching the Internet/Husbands Phone # appeared on very odd website


Hi there my husband has been acting a little odd lately and just on a whim I googled his phone number. Nothing too out of the ordinary came up until I saw his phone number posted on this very odd website, it has a list names towns states and phone numbers but doesnt appear to be any sort of real website, then you click on the name next to the number and it takes you to a dating website. It's really weird because his phone number area code and all comes up next to a name that's not his and a town and state that is not ours but the headers on the website changes from the innocent name of to seductive SHAREE or Alluring Margaret. I'm confused if this is just a junk website or one of those weird cheater websites but I've spent hours trying to figure it out and haven't gotten anywhere, it's making me crazy and paranoid... heres the link, any help figuring out how the heck to find out what this website is would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much!

Heather, first let me say that you're probably "barking up the wrong tree".  Have you heard of "spoofing" phone numbers?  I really don't understand why acting "odd" would cause you to search on a phone number.  A name maybe. Never mind.  I am not a professional detective nor marriage counselor, but as a husband reading your scenario, I'd ask that you approach it differently and control yourself in something that may not be real.  Control that green monster.  

Hey, try an "expert" over here:

Sorry that I can't help more, but be careful how you proceed.  I am not about to click on that link!

All the best, Patrick  

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