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Mr . Dunlap

I am looking for a particular information: I would like to find a web site or a book etc... that explains the production process of this pre cooked and frozen fritter.

The french call it : accras de morue surgelé
The Spanish call it: "bunyols" or "buñuelos"

I am not looking for the "recipe" but i am looking for the details on the freezing and packaging process for this type of fritter.
I made several searchs on different languages but i never end up with the proper informations just only the description of the end product.
I do not know if it is possible to have infos on "how it is made" or something that is as close as possible
I tried to find something with this following research:
1-Bolinho de Bacalhau Congelado Embalado a Vácuo
2-Pre cooked fritter frozen vacumm packaging

If you could help me or get me closer i would apreciate

Thank you

Steph, suggest you try starting with generic keywords like: production frozen fritter, but also use "fritters" since you'll get two different kinds of hits.  From there watch for keywords for the food you are interested in trying these methods.  Hope that gets you closer.  Pay special attention to the patent description for the methods.  Regards, Patrick

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