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QUESTION: Long story but I won't bother you here, I know your time is valuable.
I need to find a site, maybe similar to the Better Business bureau, but where I can see if there are any complaints  against a particular lawyer. This lawyer happens to live in Lincoln Nebraska if that helps. I tried a search on him in one of the Lincoln courts pages but it came back that there were too many page listings he was under so that the search could not be completed!So is there a way to search cases he was in & read the transcripts without paying? One more thing, I also want to understand and see what laws there are for conflict of interest. Thank You very much, enjoy the search!

ANSWER: Hi, Tina.  Guess I'd start with a search on keywords: how to search complaint against lawyer.  Looking through the hits, this one pops out at me:  I wouldn't think the fee for the service would be a lot???

Next, I'd go here: which would lead you here: then to this listing for disciplinary orders:  You might get lucky and find the name you're looking for.  

If you end up filing a complaint, just keep my name out of it!!!  (Just kidding)

All the best, Patrick   

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: In your second paragraph you suggested I go to" Ok I found that site, however
the you wrote " which would lead you here:" with 2 more websites.
I don't know how you got to " then to this listing for disciplinary orders: OR "
Where did you click to go to them? I copied the sites into the address bar but that didn't help. Sorry you need to be specific with a beginner, I appreciate your time, thanks again!

Tina, let's see if this link gets you to the page:

Not sure why you were having the difficulty.  Let me know if this doesn't work, then we'll have to investigate that since I just checked again and go right to the list of names, then from there for the names listed you'd click on the blue hypertext, or whichever colored link, to find the court action or whatever.


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