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to me this is an odd question.  I've got a purse that to some would be either a collectable or a huge find. I don't like it and won't ever use it again.  It's from a Disney store, and I know some of those items can have an original price tag that are high, and can still be pricey now, even though they are older.  I only have a few details on the purse, and I want to sell it, but people that collect Disney things know their stuff, so I want to have as much information as I can.

I've tried hunting the net for information, but can't find anything.  I tried Disney itself, ebay, Amazon, and a general search on Bing under several search criteria to no luck.  I need further help.

I have a picture of the purse (well, I have the actual one with me) and all I know is that the tag says it's a Disneyland Resort purse.  I don't have a year, a maker name or anything else.  I know it's at least 5 years old, and that I bought it at a Disney Store outlet, and got it on clearance.

What I want, is a designer (Dooney & Burke, Vera Bradley, etc.), a year, and original market price if I can get it.  Like I said, people who buy Disney collectibles know their stuff, so I need to be prepared.

Can you help me narrow and define my search so I can get this information?


Holly, you may get another response from me that I started earlier, but it disappeared.  My main ideas for you are to search on keywords like: forums disney collectibles.  Try this site for comparisons:  Call your local library or visit there for this:
They may have other price/value books on your topic if it's a large library.  Not knowing what kinds of searches you've already done, hope these ideas get you the millions you will ask for.
All the best and always here for a "hunt".  Patrick  p.s.  You're not in Evanston, are you?

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