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Thank you for taking my question... I'm trying to research the following as part of a project:

How long does it take the average person to get their question answered when using the internet? As in the time it takes to conduct various 'queries' in the search bar, comb through the various results, and ultimately find the answer to the question he/she set out to find? I can't seem to find any data on this. Maybe I'm phrasing the question wrong in when I'm doing my own search. If you find it, can you provide the source too?

Tough one, Colin.  Data probably has never been collected since there are so many factors at play like using the best keywords, which Search Engine used, etc.  Suggest you start your project with these keywords:  what is average search time for an Internet query.  Sorry about the delay in getting back to you since I didn't get the original question and Allexperts had to tell me it was pending.  Maybe because of all this snow we've had here on the east coast?  Regards, Patrick under 24+ inches of white stuff.  

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