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Proposal for Flexible Credit
Proposal for Flexible  

Proposal for Flexible Credit
Proposal for Flexible  
Mr. Riordan,
My family lives in a small rural Ohio school district with very limited funds and opportunities.  Our school district offers flexible credit for students who are willing to apply for it and prove how they will earn the credit, etc.  I have attached a copy of the proposal application provided by our district.  My son is in his 10th month of learning to play the violin.  Because our school only offers marching band, no strings at all, he takes private lessons from an instructor who has 40 years of playing experience & teaches using the Suzuki method.  Could you assist me in filling out these forms OR tell me where I could obtain a course description or ANYTHING to help me in filling out the information they are requesting.  I have no idea what a 16 year old sophomore with 10 months of violin experience should or would be required to learn within a semester to earn 1/2 a Carnegie credit in music.  Ideally we would like to have him start the course as soon as it's approved and finish around the 2nd week in May 2014 and earn 1/2 a credit in Music. (we are only shooting for half a credit because he currently takes French I and Poetry online because they aren't offered at his school either & we don't want to push him too hard) I have asked the band instructor for assistance but was told he would have to look into it...more than a week ago.  The guidance counselor just tells me to fill out the paperwork & submit it.  He has no advice for where to find course descriptions, requirements, syllabus, etc.  The private instructor isn't really sure what the school wants either.  I am keenly aware that according to your bio, this is not your area of expertise but I couldn't find anyone else on this site that seemed like a better candidate to ask.  Any suggestions or assistance would be so greatly appreciated!  Thank you,
P.S. I have 2 more pages from the document that I couldn't upload on this site as I am limited to only 2 images.

First, I will say that you're right, this is outside my expertise.  That said, here is how I would fill out the form:
1. Check the "not offered at Liberty" spot
2. Maybe something like, "I am very interested in music, especially the violin, and would like to learn to play it."
3. Fall 2013 and Spring 2014
4. Name and address of private violin instructor
5. n/a
6. 0.5
7. I would check "Other" and say that he'll play some pieces for the band teacher.  If his instruction will include theory or notation or something written, you might include a portfolio of that work, or have him do a Powerpoint presentation.
8. OK, this is the tough one.
You can find the OH state standards for music at:
Skip down to page 4 and you'll see the high school standards.  I would show those standards to his private instructor to see which ones he'll meet.  The private instructor should also be able to supply a timeline based on the coursework he'll be teaching.  I don't think a score can be given, so I'd just leave that out.

One final piece of advice: treat the submission as a first attempt.  Since no one at the school will tell you what they want, just submit the best thing you can, and if it's rejected, ask why it was rejected and correct those things.  It would be nicer if they'd tell you what they want up front, but since they won't, you'll have to keep submitting applications until they accept one.

Good luck!

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