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I have an Ademco Vista 20P with 5881ENM wireless receiver and 5800TM transmitter. I set up a 5804BD wireless remote using template 5. I can set and disable the alarm system using the remote, but I never get any status information, just the flashing amber and long tone 5 seconds later indicating that no status information was received.

Field 24 has a house code set and the remote is associated with a user. The 5800TM is wired to the keypad bus, and I interchanged the wiring harness with the 5881ENM to verify that it was wired correctly. The 5800TM has been set to address 28 (cut W1, red jumper). I had a spare 5800TM on hand and substituted it with the same results. The 5881ENM and 5800TM are both mounted externally, within about 1.75 feet of each other.

I'm more inclined to suspect that the 5800TM isn't working than 5804BD but the 5804BD is the only bidirectional wireless device I have. Have I missed something in getting the 5800TM to work? Is there a way to verify that it's recognized by the Vista panel, and that it's actually transmitting?


I never worked with one of these, but from reading the manual, it's apparent to me that ADEMCO has tried to make this device backwards-compatible with the earlier Vista panels. (I got out in 1998, when ADT acquired Wells Fargo Alarm.)

Here's what I think from looking at the docs. I think the 5804BD is working and recognized by the panel, else you would not be able to arm or disarm the panel with it.

With the Vista 20, I noted that you don't have to assign a user to the button. I don't know what happens if you do (as you mentioned) associate a user with the button.

That's all I see on this one. What do you think?


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