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I have a Rollins VI panel (1992 vintage) that was taken over by Ameritech and subsequently by ADT.  It was monitored by ADT until a long power outage caused memory loss.  ADT tech support is expensive and sketchy for such an old panel, so I ended the monitoring contract when it expired and found the installer's manual that let me restore it myself using the factory default installer code.  However, the central station receiver and account numbers cannot be reprogrammed without knowing the dealer code, which did not default to the factory setting after the power outage.  On the inside of the panel door there are numbers written with a magic marker:  02/nnnnnnn.  Was it customary for installers from any of these three companies to write the dealer code inside the panel door?  If so, would the dealer code stay the same after the original company was sold and then sold again?

Hello Sylvia, and thanks for your question.

Dealer codes are an alarm company's insurance that a competing company can't come in and "take over" a system without the expense of at least replacing the control panel# As such, those dealer codes are always kept "close to the vest#"

There is no rule or tradition that installers would write the dealer code inside the panel# Although convenient, it would defeat the purpose of the dealer code in the first place #the competing company would find and recognize the code##

So in essence, you're stuck, unless you can convince ADT #the LAST vendor# to give you the code#

An alternative### if you want new equipment that you control, buy an alarm kit online# These can be had for less that $200, and it's the same equipment that the major alarm companies use in residential and commercial applications#

Here's an example# Shop around online for the best deal:


I hope that helps!

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