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Dave; I have an older Magnum Alert with a 1000e keypad.  Recently, after being away for over 4 days, I returned to find the keypad frozen with the number 8 displayed steady on.  I replaced the battery (12v 7Ah lead-acid) and the keypad started to flash as it does after a power outage.  Reset it by holding down 9, no problem.  Everything started working properly.  Well, this occurred a second time about a month later (away for about 4 days) and returned to the same state.  I figured it was a power issue and replaced the battery a second time, but the keypad will not respond this time.  I looked into this and it appears that either the keypad or main board is faulty.  Is this a correct assumption?  And is it worth having this repaired or should I consider a replacement?  Thank you in advance for you help.
Sincerely, Geoff

Hello Geoff, and thanks for your question.

It's hard to find replacement keypads for these older systems, and it's uneconomical to try to repair the control... so in short, you're probably better off replacing the control and keypad with something up-to-date.

However, before you do that, I'd check one thing. Make sure that all of the keys on the keypad are free to bounce-back after they're depressed. If one sticks in the down position, it can cause unusual problems.

This is usually caused by a buildup of grime on the sides of the keys or the bezel. If you think this might be the cause, take the keypad apart. The cover (bezel) and the keys can be cleaned with Windex to remove the grime. It may be a long shot, but it's less expensive than a replacement.

If that fails, and you're shopping for a replacement, let me know and I'll suggest a few alternatives.

Best Regards,


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