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This is addtional info-- on alarm system needs from last week-
I installed mother board- the alarm system when energized at box in closet auromaticly goes to ARM 30 seconds then alarm goes off-- I have tried the installers code in the book- on key pad in bedroom and also tried key pad downstairs- neither will disarm alarm-- HELP !!
TKS  Peter--

You will need to detail for me exactly what you have done, (removed circuit board from package,matched wire terminals, etc, so I can figure out what happened. If it was a new panel that you purchased, it should not be going into an "armed" state by itself. The only thing I can think of is that one of the zones you wired was pre-programmed as what's called a 24 hour zone. It's what you would use for a panic button or flood-alert sensor or other device that you want to activate the alarm whether it is armed or not. So tell me what openings you tied down to which inputs, then I can find a copy of the install manual for the system and figure out what's wrong.  

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