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A recent power surge appears to have caused problem with our alarm system. The system is about 8 years old.

The alarm went off. After disarming it can not be armed again. The system light on the PC1555RKZ is now always on.
I checked the fault codes using *+2 and get the following:
Code 1. Pressing this further reveal code 1 and 3 -> (1) Indicating Low Battery problem and (3) indicating General system trouble.
Code 5 -> Indicating zone fault. Pressing this indicating that the Panel Tamper is faulty.

What do you think I should do the rectify the problem? I am thinking of changing the battery. Does changing battery require me to power off the AC power or can that be done whilst AC power is on? Also the panel tampering appears to be a physical contact in the panel door. I checked by pressing this and it does set off the alarm so to me looks to be operating fine. Not sure why it is showing as a fault in the system?

Any advice much appreciated.

Hi there,

Before I can try to help you with this, please can you let me know if you have any wireless equipment on your alarm system. There are 7 possibilities for wireless equipment on the PC1565 via the wireless receiver:

WLS904 Wireless Motion Detector
WLS905 Wireless Universal Transmitter
WLS906 Wireless Smoke Detector
WLS907 Wireless Slimline Universal Transmitter
WLS908 Wireless Panic Pendant
WLS909 Wireless Key
WLS910 Wireless Handheld Keypad

Also, is the system set-up for security only, or both fire and security?

Many thanks

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