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I recently replaced an XL21 that had gone brain dead. Install and programming as a local seemed to go smooth.  HOWEVER when the alarm is set I get a continuing beep sequence from the xl4600sm keypad.  The sequence is about 5 seconds off then two short beeps then repeats.  The user guide does not define that beep code so I do not have a hint as to where to look for an error.
Battery is near new and is fully charged, Bell is disconnected for testing, no panic alarm switch is connected.

Maybe related is I get 4 fast beeps when I attempt to access installer mode 4 ( system log view )

Hope you can point me in correct direction.



Hello Bill, and thanks for your question.

Those beeps upon arming are a new one on me... although it's been a really long time since I worked with one of these panels.

It almost sounds like there's a diagnostic program running (one that the engineers would use#.

I'd do two things. First, make double check to be sure that you're programmed as a local. If you're not, at some point in time the memory will be filled with events waiting to be reported to the central station. Once the memory is filled, operational weirdness happens.

Second, try a hard restart #power down AC and battery, wait a few minutes and bring it back up).

If that doesn't help... I wonder if the old tech support number is still working: 800-645-5430.

Sorry not to have been much help here.

Best Regards,


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