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Hi John,

I moved into an older condo that has a DSC PC3000 alarm system in it. One of the motion detectors was faulty(steady red light) so I put an end-of-line resistor across the two terminals for that zone in the main panel so that the keypad lights in my master bedroom would not flash all the time as it was driving me crazy at night. This worked as expected but the light on the detector itself stayed on as one would expect. I opened the motion detector which is an old 1997 Paradox III and found jumpers in the lower right hand corner. By using these jumpers I was able to turn the light out on the detector but I can still hear the triggering sound as I assume it is still getting power. I would like to stop this triggering sound so do I just remove the red and black wires and clip and insulate them with electrical tape to stop this? I will eventually replace the whole system but it is just not in the cards right now. If I decided to replace the motion detector, what type of detector would work with my unit and how easy is it to do? Will an alrm shop sell me a detector or will they want to install it? I ask as I am a bit strapped for money right now.


Mark B.

John Pecore
John Pecore  

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DSC PC3000 was first made in 1994.  That means that it should comply to ADA compliance here in the USA during that time period.  

I also suspect that the zone and NAC circuit has a 12V DC ceiling voltage for the loop circuits.

I also think that any motion detector, will be able to interface with it so long as it operates at 12V DC.  

Also to answer your question, when you do take that unit off the circuit, make sure the resistor is either on the terminal screw inside the panel or at the end of the wire.

A Paradox DG65 should work with the unit.  You can order one off of E-bay...for about $25.00.

Lastly....we are all strapped for money....haven't you heard up there in Canada?.....we went through a depression here in the Good old USA....don't believe what any one tells you....otherwise.

Mark, you got something else you got to do...You have to replace the battery.  Most likely you didn't, plus if the original battery goes dead....and you wait too long..then you will ask for a way to re-program your system.  By replacing the battery before the power goes out is a good you another headache and more expenses.  

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