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QUESTION: is there any way to program this alarm useing my pc it has a xl4600sm key pad. thanks.

ANSWER: Hello John, and thanks for writing.

The XL-2T is capable of being programmed remotely, with a few provisos.

First, you'd need the proprietary PC Downloading Software. I have no idea where you'd be able to find that -- this panel design goes back to the late 1990's.

Second, you'd need to be able to dial in to the control panel through the telephone line and establish a MODEM connection. Most computers these days aren't equipped with a MODEM anymore.

Honestly, I think you're better off doing the programming through they keypad. Do you have a copy of the Hookup and Installation Instructions?

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QUESTION: thanks. i do have the instructinns. i was trying to hook up a dialer useing the triggers. i messed up and could not get the alarm working. i jumped out system default reset. i will just keep playing with it. but is there any other way to hook up dialer. thanks. john.

I understand that you've defaulted the panel back to it's factory-new state. That means that the factory-defined programming is in effect.

When you mention "hook up the dialer" are you trying to program it to send signals to a monitoring center? If so, I think you're going to have a problem. You'd need to know both the primary and secondary numbers of the monitoring center's receiver, and you'd need you Account Number. Without the account number, there's no way for the monitoring center to identify you as the sender of signals.

All of this data has been erased with the system default.

Let me know!


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