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QUESTION: I have a Broadview system that was installed in the home I just moved in to. I cancelled the service the previous owners had been paying. The problem I am having is that every day at about the same time, I get a beeping alert which cycles on and off every few seconds until I hit the cancel button, and it stops until the next day at approximately the exact same time.
It also displays CH and CP Trouble at all times to which from reading up on is a communication problem - making sense since I cancelled the service. My inquiry is how to stop the 24hr cycle alarm.
Thank you in advance for your help.


You're most likely correct, it is a trouble condition indicating "failure to communicate". Were any physical changes made to the system? If a phone line connection was removed, that will put the system into trouble as well. The only way to permanently clear the trouble would be to reprogram the system as a "local only" alarm, and you will need the installers code for that.

If you can figure out the manufacturer of the system, I might be able to help more. Look at the main control panel, which should be in a closet somewhere. On the inside of the door, there should be a wiring schematic with the model number and the manufacturer.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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QUESTION: Thank you very much for the reply Steven.
I found the master panel labeled Brinks on the outside. Internally it said it was Broadview Security with control panel BHS-4000B.
I hope this is helpful.

Thank you in advance.


Sorry for the delayed response, I was traveling.

I will need to do an internet search for that panel, I'm not familiar with it. I'm fairly busy now, as soon as I have a moment I will see what I can find.

Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.


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