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I have an old ranger american home alarm system. an RA 1500/1550.  I have 2 windows that are on one zone and the light is showing red.  I can bypass this zone and set the alarm, but I would like to engage that zone again.  how do I start or what do I do to get this zone back in the mix?

Hello Gary, and thanks for your question.

From your description, it sounds like there's a fault on the zone with the two windows. I don't know how those windows are protected, whether by contacts, foil, or glassbreak detectors.

So I'll give you the likely causes, and you can search from there.

The faults come in two kinds -- wiring and the detection devices. Wiring includes all the splices and connections to the detection devices. Many times a visual inspection and a little poking around will reveal a wire that's broken off of a connector to a switch. If there are splices which were not soldered at installation, they may be corroded and cause the problem.

If you have glassbreak detectors, perhaps you've lost power to the device, which would cause the same trouble that you're seeing.

If you have foil, inspect the take-offs -- these are small plastic blocks with a screw terminal to accept the zone wiring, and a ramp and clamp to accept the foil. Hairline breaks occur there after years of expansion and contraction from temperature changes. Also look for any scratch across any part of the foil, no matter how small.

Hope this helps, and write again if you have follow-up questions.

Best Regards,


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