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I have a old security system in which my basement windows seems to be set with wires and "foil" on them. It seems the foil is broken and I have to bypass this zone to set the alarm. I am not sure what is the correct name for the " FOIL " on the window and if it is something I can replace myself.

Many thanks in advance

Hello Darrin, and thanks for taking me on a trip down memory lane.

"Foil" is the correct term, and at one time, was the only way to protect glass# These days, foil is rarely used# Instead, there is a variety of glassbreak sensors that either sense the vibration of breaking glass, or sense the acoustic signature of breaking glass#

But to your question: Can you replace it yourself? On the one hand I want to say YES, because it's a relatively simple procedure# On the other hand, I want to say NO, because even though it's a simple procedure, it takes a lot of practice, special tools, materials, and expertise to do it# I really don't think I'd advise attempting this without an experienced tech to give you hands-on instruction#

But if you're curious, go to this link and have a look at what's involved: http://alarmsuperstore#com/store/index#php?main_page=advanced_search_result&sear

If you were to re-do the foil on your windows, you'd need to get a roll of foil, foil take-off blocks, and adhesive/protector, at a minimum.

I hope that helps...

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