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QUESTION: I have had this alarm system in my home for about 20 years.  The zone 6 which is the fire alarm started beeping about 2 months ago but would stop very quickly. I changed the battery at that time.  Currently it is beeping more frequently and for a longer period of time about 5 minutes or more without stop.   Any suggestions

ANSWER: I'm going to need some additional information.  The zone 6 light may be the "fire alarm", but what exactly is zone 6 hooked into?  I've seen some installations that utilize a relay on the home smoke alarms.  If you've recently replaced them, then the relay may not be compatible with the new detectors (which causes either an alarm or an "open" condition on the interconnected security control).

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QUESTION: Thank you for your quick response.   I have no idea what zone6 is hooked into but I have not changed any alarms or detectors.   I'm trying to avoid having the installing company come to troubleshoot bec they charge a substantial amt of money just to come to my home.  I asked them if I could just disconnect the fire alarm wire since I have other fire detectors in my home but they wouldn't even discuss that issue on the phone.  It hasn't beeped for a few days but I'm sure it will start again.   I may have to make that service call after all.

ANSWER: If you own the equipment and they installed it, they should have no problem providing you with a list of the components you purchased.  Your contract could give you an idea as well.  The beeping you're experiencing:  Is it coming from the detector or the keypad?  With what you've described about your service company, I wouldn't want to see them at my house either.  Let's see if we can't solve your problem together.  Feel free to give me a call on my toll-free line at 1-888-340-3473 when next the keypad or detector start chirping at you.  I can take you through some trouble-shooting steps much easier if I can talk you through.

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QUESTION: The chirping is coming from the keypad and I may be imagining this but although it chirps at different times I think it chirps for a much longer period when I use my oven.  The smoke detector is a few feet away from the oven.  There is nothing burning jn the oven or food drippings but the last time the chirping went on for 20 minutes I was using or just used the oven????  The smoke detector there is the one installed by the alarm co and I assume is wired to the keypad.

This doesn't sound like an alarm problem.  Smoke detectors tied to the alarm system aren't equipped with back-up batteries unless they're wireless sensors.  If they're hard-wired, they're actually powered by the system's 12 Volt back-up battery.  Do you have any wireless devices connected to your system?  When was the last time the back-up battery (in the alarm system) was replaced?  If it is the battery in the alarm, it may be a coincidence that it's beeping "low battery" at the same time that you're cooking.  Can you provide me with the make and model number of the smoke detectors?  You may have to remove them from their bases and look at the back of the units.

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